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LEARN FRENCH AT WORK! And save time for your family and your career.

Our programs

We offer courses not only on language skills, but also on cultural differences, which are key to engage in multicultural work environments.

Depending on your industry, we can also offer a specially tailored training program that meets the specific needs of your industry. For example, dress codes, specific terms, acronyms, etc.

Tailor-made programs:

  • One-to-one or group classes (up to 12 participants)
  • Free level assessment
  • Business French or conversational French
  • Focus on on the vocabulary of your field/sector
  • Coaching for business presentations
  • Preparation for exams and tests (DFP, Bright test)
  • Preparation for expatriation (vocabulary focus on everyday French, apartment search, administrative procedures, etc.

With experience with clients across all industries and sectors we help you achieve your objectives in business or social French.

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Your benefits

TIME EFFICIENT: Don’t waste time on long journeys: we come to you!

HANDS-ON LEARNING: After learning the basics of French, participants become familiar with the vocabulary of their industry and their function. Then the learning is done through role plays based on their real-life, professional scenarios. We cover practical situations that they encounter regularly in the course of their work.

TEAM BUILDING: Aside from improving French skills, French lessons are also an opportunity to create links outside the professional context. It is very rewarding to mix with employees from different departments: this contributes to fostering a strong inter-service team spirit!

Contact us if you are interested in a quote or specific customised business programs.

Corporate French lessons

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