Private Classes

You wish to learn a language in an intimate atmosphere, private classes
are the best for you. Private classes are available in French, English and

Private individual class

You need intense training, or you feel
more comfortable in an intimate class. The
one-to-one class will suit you.
Small group class

You and your group of friends would like to
have a French class together ? We can
create a Small group class for you.

The content of the course is customized depending on your needs. We can
also prepare you for French examinations DELF, DALF, DFP. If you are a student, we also prepare for IGCSE and IB French papers.

With a private class, our teachers are flexible and adapt the date, timing,
duration and frequency according to your preferences. Individual classes
can be online, or at your office/home.

You can enjoy a free trial. It will be included in your package only if you
decide to continue your training; Private classes are sold in a minimum of
10 classes.

Please contact us and we will provide you a tailor-made offer.

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We come to your workplace or your home,  in Singapore.





Opening Hours
Lesson hours depend on your needs.
We answer your queries from 9am to 6pm, on weekdays.

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