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Prepare your French exams serenely and seriously

Our teachers are fully qualified to serenely prepare you for the French diplomas DFP (professional French diploma), DEFL, DALF, and the IGCSE, IB, O / A-Level exams.

Methodology advice, program review, homework support, and mock exams are included in our preparation program.


Diplôme de français professionnel (DFP) is a business oriented certification.

It is organized by the Chambre de Commerce et d’industrie de Paris (CCIP).

We have a whole set of resources specially designed for revision, and organize 2 mock exams before the tests. We also organize mock oral sessions so that you are completely ready and confident on D-Day.


The DELF (Diploma in French Language Studies) and the DALF (Advanced French Language Diploma) are issued by the French Ministry of Education.

These diplomas are recognized worldwide and are valid for life.

DELF – DALF test the four skills (oral and written comprehension, written and oral productions).

The DELF is for 3 groups: Adult, Junior (13 to 17 years) and Prim (8 to 12 years).

DALF is for adults only.


Our experienced teachers are trained to support you when you study the IGCSE and IB French program.

We provide you with advice on the methodology, provide you with revision documents and we give you mock exams (based on real past exams).

For IGSCE and IB, we recommend that you register for an individual course or with a small group of friends. We customize your exam preparation according to your needs.

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