Are you working in a French company? Here are 8 reasons why you should learn French.

1. Do not get lost in translation

You receive an email from the HQ in France, in French. Even with the auto-translation tool, you might miss the subtleties of the language. Learning the basics of French can help you have a better grasp of nuances and avoid misunderstandings. 

2. Be part of casual talks with your colleagues

The French LOVE their coffee, and the coffee machine is the place for key discussions and informal bonds. You want to shine for your proactivity? Knowing a bit of French will help you be part of the ‘Pause cafe’, and also get involved when colleagues are casually chatting in the office. 

3. Understand the strategic conversations

The corporate world is certainly a world of power play, and you need to be part of strategic discussions to keep the upper hand. Knowing the language will keep you at the center of these essential talks and decisions! A well- informed professional is a successful one! 

4. Expand your skills and mobility opportunities

French is a key language for business! Learning  French means opening the gates to new opportunities inside your company, like growing your career by working in the Paris Headquarters !

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5. Get closer to the company culture

Why do your French colleagues take 2-hour-long lunch breaks ? Why do they always offer you coffee? Our French classes are also about cultural codes and norms, for you to better connect with your colleagues and clients.

6. Bond with your colleagues during class

Taking French classes in your company can allow you to meet people you would never have met outside of your job scope. Peers from other departments, nationalities, and backgrounds. It’s a nice way to nurture corporate cohesion and communication. 

7. Get a breather in your busy day

During class, discussions are relaxed and open about the professional world, and beyond (life, arts science, society). The benefits for the brain of learning a new language are astonishing: after this breather, you might have a creative boost and more focus for the rest of your day.  

8. Get the personal satisfaction of lifelong learning

Broadening your culture can help you feel more confident in yourself. A world of possibilities open before your eyes: you get to read articles, listen to music, watch movies in French! You can brag in front of your family and friends when travelling “une baguette s’il vous plaît !”

What Speak Francais can offer you 

We offer courses not only on language skills, but also on cultural differences, which are key to engaging in a multicultural working environment.

Depending on your industry, we develop tailored training programs : one-to-one or group classes, Business French, Coaching , Preparation for mobility.

Contact us at on +65 9082 9573 or to get a quote. 

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