Annabelle has been very accommodating and patient with us during our classes.
Our lessons always have a relaxed and fun atmosphere which makes it easier to learn as we do not feel the pressure of making mistakes. I find the lessons also practical and useful for daily use especially for my work trips to France. I can now understand more documents and meetings when they are conducted in French.

Corporate french classes Singapore


I had been learning French language with Annabelle once a week for the past 2 years from 0 French knowledge to now being able to converse simple French sentence with French colleagues in Singapore and Colleagues in Corporate office in France. Learning French with Annabelle has been interesting and stress-free as she pace us slowly with our standard. I am proud now being able to order “confit de canard” from the French menu for my next business trip to Bayonne, France.


Bonjour! I am taking the elementary French course with Professeure Annabelle.
It’s very engaging and interactive and I’m pretty impressed with the way she teach!
I took other language courses, and I feel she teaches me to speak a language well, on top of knowing to write & read it.
During lessons, we are always engaging in French conversation with our classmates.
Every student would have to speak up about 3-5 times at each session.
Also, Professeure Annabelle gives her attention to every student and correct our pronunciation individually which is very helpful!
I would definitely recommend to learn French with Professeure Annabelle!



I started taking French course last year and I have to say it is a tough language for foreigners. However, the process of learning it is interesting. The part I love most about French is that you can pronounce nearly everything when you’ve learnt all the alphabet. Now I can do basic conversation in French and hopefully I can make more progress in the near future!

She learned french at ESSEC

Cloris – Master Student at ESSEC

I’ve been enjoying Annabelle’s lessons so far! Her lessons are very interesting, and I’m able to fully absorb it because she is very well prepared for all her classes. These classes are seamlessly structured whether they are held on-line or off-line, which helps me to learn and revise better.

The participative nature of her classes has also given me confidence in reading and writing French, and I must say I’m much better at listening and understanding French now!

Thanks again Annabelle for the awesome “French” experience !

Karen Koh – Working at Total Marine Fuels

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