English Classes

English classes for corporates learners and expatriate families

Whether you are a corporate learner or an expatriate family, we will customize an English class for you

  • From beginner to advanced level
  • Groups or one-to-one 
  • Tailor-made program according to your needs : Business English or Conversational English


I already speak English and want to improve my skills for my job

You can already speak English and want to freshen-up your skills? Maybe you want a better accent or more vocabulary ?

Our bilingual teachers can support you on your improvement journey to WOW your English speaking colleagues and clients.

This course will allow you to perfect your English by:

  • Training your accent : can you say this without difficulty ‘Five Fishermen Fought on the Fifth Floor’? 
  • Preparing you for meetings, speeches and interviews in the workplace
  • Expanding your vocabulary: learn the specific lingo of your industry
  • Improving your grammar : when should you use ‘the’,’that’,’these’?
  • Reviewing conjugation : when should you use past perfect or present perfect?
  • Getting rid of common mistakes : do you get confused between ‘I agree’ and ‘I’m agree’ ? Or ‘to win’ and ‘to earn’?


  I recently moved to Singapore and speak very little English

You recently moved to Singapore and seek to improve your conversational English?

Our teachers can support you in this new international adventure ! Learning a new language can be scary, but fear no more ! Our teachers will help you feel confident to speak in English, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

This program will allow you to improve your communication in English by : 

  • Learning basics of communication: introduce yourself, talk about your hobbies, your family, your job and your preferences
  • Speaking English in daily life: shopping, conversation, paperwork and job applications
  • Practising your pronunciation to sound like a native !

To know more about our English classes, please contact us.

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