Learn new languages for a more agile brain

Did you know that talking multiple languages is good for you? Here are some insights on how it can benefit your brain!

Learn new languages for a more agile brain

Creative thinking and problem solving

Research has shown that the more languages you speak, the better you react to new situations. Having various systems to communicate and understand the world, you will be rich in other cultures and visions of the world, making you more open-minded and creative.

Emotional intelligence and regulation

An active brain is a happy brain! Maintaining different languages will play an important role in emotional regulation. Why? Because it engages both sides of the brain. This activity leads to better communication, empathy and problem solving skills. This reduces emotional bias and stress.

Brain gym to keep fit and healthy

What if I told you that practicing a foreign language is as good for your brain as swimming is for your body? Actively speaking several languages is like brain gymnastics, it keeps your thinking sharp and engaged. 

Studies have shown that multilingualism can delay the risk of Alzeimer’s and dementia for up to 5 years and you could benefit from an increased flexibility of thinking of 10-20% compared to monolingual peers.

If you are not a fan of Sudoku, you might consider starting a new language to maintain your memory function, it’s never too late!

Faster connexions

Habits are difficult to break once formed, right? It works the same for neuron pathways. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will get. Research in neuroscience and linguistics has shown that multilingual people have a higher density of gray matter, which means more active neurons. Basically a super strong brain!

Am I too old to learn ?

Absolutely not! Learning a new language as an adult is truly beneficial for your brain. Children learn languages easier than adults do. Why? Because of the ‘plasticity’ of their developing brain. As an adult, the important thing is to have fun in the process. When happy emotions are engaged, you will learn naturally without even knowing it. And good news: the more language you speak the faster you will learn!


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