Speak authentic French with these FOOD idioms!

French is a very colorful language, famous among poets and artists. Did you know that it’s full of expressions? To help you speak authentic French like a native, here are 10 famous idioms with Food!

Literally, it means ‘To have the mustard going up your nose’, but figuratively it means that you are getting angry and are about to lose your temper !

Literally to ‘Put water in your wine’, which actually means to meet someone halfway, and show some tolerance.

‘To tell lettuces’, which sounds like absolute nonsense, but actually means that you are just lying and telling crazy stories.

‘To make a whole cheese’ (which is a very long process), actually means that you are overreacting to something !

To have bread on the (cutting) board’ means that you have a lot of work to do !

Literally to ‘Have the banana’, which means to be happy and smiling !

France is a big producer of wheat and bread, a lot of idioms reflect that ! This literally means ‘To Roll in the flour’ . Figuratively, it means that you are scamming someone.

‘To be as tall as three apples’ is a very cute idiom which means to be short!

How would you feel if you were carrying a 3kg fruit on your head ? It would be painful ! This means ‘To have one’s head like a watermelon’ which translates to have a headache/overload of information.

Literally to ‘take care of your onions’ which actually means to take care of your business!You could say ‘‘Mêle toi de tes oignons!’’ to someone who makes an unsolicited comment about your lifestyle for example.

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