10 beautiful sites to visit in France

With the restrictions on traveling, it doesn’t mean that we cannot dream and wander virtually! Here’s our selection of unique places around France.

Les Calanques

Located in the South-East region of France, this preserved National Park offers Pristine waters, ideal for snorkling and scuba diving. Hop on a Train from Marseille and hike in the Sunny Mediterranean coast !

Les ocres du Roussillon 

Would you believe we are in a lovely small town of Roussillon ? Be amazed by the vibrant orange and red rocks and feel like you are at Grand Canyon for a minute. 

Les gorges du Verdon

Are you a fan of extreme water sports, like canoeing and rafting ? You came to the right place ! Nested in the french Alps mountains, this nature reserve has a lot to offer for all ages. 

La dune du Pilat

If you are more of a Beach person, you can roll around the most famous sands on the Western coast. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, La Dune du Pilat is super popular for families. 


You might have seen this Widely famous scenery in a painting before. On the Coast of Etretat, be sure to catch the sunset going through the rock formations. 


The Brittany region in Western France has lots to offer if you like the wild Ocean vibe. A boat trip will take you to this island with untouched nature and delicious crepes to eat !

Les arenes de Nimes

This looks familiar ? We are not in Rome, but in Nimes ! If you are more into History and Monuments, this Landmark from the Roman era should please you ! 

Les châteaux de la Loire

Following the Loire river, you will travel in time through France history. Hop on a bike tour to enjoy dozens of castle heritage sites, each one more beautiful than the other.

Le canal du midi

From Toulouse to Montpellier, take a romantic and unusual trip, hop-on a boat this time and sway along the canal. It will take you through typical french villages.

La Corse

Who knew French had scenery like in the caribbean? A boat of flight trip away from Marseille, Corse is a well preserved treasure island, of mountains and blue waters.

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