Why learn a new language?

Learning a language shouldn’t be a burden !

We believe that learning a new language can expand your horizons to discover new cultures, and help you cope with change. It’s a key feature in today’s ever evolving  world.
Speak Français provides language training for corporates, individual learners and expat families.

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Our Values


We create a pleasant and relaxed learning atmosphere and our teachers give their best to encourage you and make you love learning languages. We all share the same values:

  • PROFESSIONALISM: our teachers are native speakers, experts in teaching their language
  • CONVIVIALITY: because the best...
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Our teaching approach


At Speak Français our teachers have a very lively and dynamic approach to the language. The emphasis is above all on oral communication, all in a relaxed atmosphere necessary for good learning.

1. Confidence: It’s essential when learning a new language to actually speak it out !
We make a point to provide...

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We come to your workplace or your home,  in Singapore.






Opening Hours
Lesson hours depend on your needs.
We answer your queries from 9am to 6pm, on weekdays.

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